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1300 / 1800 Numbers

Port existing 1300 /1800 or activate new 1300 / 1800 numbers with MondoTalk. Our competitive rates will give you an edge in the market. MondoTalk’s porting and activation processes is easy, seamless and fast.

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Why Add 1300/1800 Numbers to your Services?

1300 and 1800 numbers add great value to your telco products and services. By giving your customers a national presence you can help them boost sales and ultimately grow with you.

MondoTalk’s 1300 and 1800 numbers seamslessly integrate with our Cloud PBX and SIP trunk services. This allows you to easily deploy the service without any complication.


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Opportunity creates success!

In every challenge we look for closely to find all potential ways that we can do things better.

The Mondotalk difference:

Our platform is the result of years of development to meet the needs of our end users.

Working with you to grow together.

Our wholesalers choose MondoTalk because it puts them in direct communication with the people who made the product they are reselling.

Confidently selling your clients a superior product.

At Mondotalk we know that a reliable, feature rich telecommunications platform is a critical part of your clients’ success.

That’s why we built our own!

Other Features

Cloud PBX System

MondoTalk's feature rich platform delivers a premium quality telecommunications platform to your customers.

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SIP Trunk

Easily connect VOIP enabled PBX to the MondoTalk network. Save on cost and enjoy business grade voice quality.

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Number Porting

Quickly and easily migrate existing numbers from your existing providers to MondoTalk. Our streamlined process makes it fast, easy and worry-free.

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